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HealthCorps is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, to fight childhood obesity. HealthCorps sends Coordinators to work in high schools and is currently in 62 across the nation. Coordinators encourage healthy living among their students and community by teaching high school classes and setting up after school programs, health fairs, staff wellness competitions, and other activities throughout the school year. HealthCorps' curriculum is centered around Nutrition, Fitness, and Mental Resilience.


HealthCorps is new to Ada High School this year, and its coordinator will be Ms. Merchant. Ada High School is one of three Oklahoma high schools to have HealthCorps this year. Ms. Merchant is from Pennsylvania and graduated from Grove City College with her B.S. in Exercise Science.
What's Happening With HealthCorps

Coming November, 25: Native American Heritage of Health! This is the theme of HealthCorps' health fair this year at Ada High School. The fair will feature practices and traditions of past Native American culture that promoted healthy living. The fair will take place on the upper level of the ACAC from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Health Tip!

Dry skin? Here's a health tip from Dr. Oz: One of the best cures for dry skin is extra virgin olive oil. Just add a few teaspoons of it to a bath or buy soap that already contains extra virgin olive oil. It is a quick, easy solution to a very common problem.

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