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Ada Early Childhood Center

Address: 630 W. 33rd Street Ada, OK 74820 - Phone: 580-310-7283 - Fax: 580-310-7284
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AECC SCHOOL DAY:  7:55 am - 3:00 pm

Ada Early Childhood Center houses educational programs which are all geared entirely to Early Childhood.  Ada Early Childhood Center Pre-Kindergarten program is an optional all-day program for children 4 years of age as of September 1.  The Kindergarten program is for children 5 years of age as of September 1.  We also house a Pre-School Program for developmentally delayed children age 3-5 years.

Ada Early Childhood Center students participate in a regimented academic program which includes reading, math, language arts, science and social studies.  Also included are activity classes such as physical education, music and library science.  Center time is also a favorite as it includes semi-independent and independent learning in the skill areas listed above and also in visual arts and fine-motor development.  There are small group intervention classes in the areas of reading and math for those students who need support services.

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, students at Ada Early Childhood Center learn life skills based on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  These basic life principles teach students the importance of being in charge of oneself, making and implementing plans, putting work before play time, thinking win-win, learning to listen, working together and taking care of ourselves.  The teachers use innovative and engaging activities for students to practice and learn these very important life skills.

Ada Early Childhood Center is a wonderful place for students, teachers and parents alike.  Together we are making a difference in tomorrows' leaders.

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  • MLK Day- Professional Day

    Date: 01/21/19
  • Professional Development Day

    Date: 02/15/19
  • President's Day

    Date: 02/18/19
  • Early Release Day

    Date: 03/14/19
  • Parent- Teacher Conferences

    Date: 03/14/19
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