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Hayes Grade Center

Address: 500 S Mississippi Ada, OK 74820 - Phone: 580 310-7294 - Fax: 580 310-7295
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HAYES SCHOOL DAY:  8:30 am - 3:20 pm

Our students enjoy surfing and researching on the Internet. Our Center has school wide access to the Internet. Teachers and students in all classrooms enjoy the additional learning opportunities provided by having this immediate access to the worldwide web.
A new exciting feature this year will be the Cougar Corner Store.  Children will be allowed to shop at the store on Fridays. 
Hayes School is a very special place.  As we grow and gain new experiences and make new friends, we become aware that our school is not just a building, but a community.  With the efforts of many people working together - students, teachers, staff, and parents - we are able to achieve our goals and make our building a successful place to learn.  In creating our community, Hayes Teachers have written a School-Wide Creed that teachers and students recite daily.  In becoming a Great Expectation School, Hayes teachers and students strive to instill the importance of character by reciting words and quotes of the week that are implemented in our community/school environment.


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