Date: 10/17/17

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Academic Programs and Student Assessment

Ada City School District

In the next few weeks, you may receive information from state and local agencies or from the media about the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP). This information may include test score results from the 2016-2017 school year. In order to understand this information, it is important that you recognize the premise on which the Ada City School District develops and implements all programming.

The mission of the Ada City School District is to prepare all students to become en-gaged, high-performing citizens with the skills necessary to succeed in a global society. To that end, the District has worked diligently to develop and implement academic and extra-curricular programs which will ensure that your child is equipped for post-secondary and career opportunities.

In addition to strong course work in each academic subject area, the District has worked to vertically align accelerated course work and now offers students eight Ad-vanced Placement courses. These programs work in conjunction with college concurrent enrollment opportunities.

Strong programming in the arts continues to ensure student excellence in band, dance, and performing arts programs. Course offerings in multi-media, mock trial, marketing, computer coding, forensics, leadership, hospitality, and many others, help to ensure that students have every opportunity to expand their interests and to find and develop strong career pathways.

On the following pages you will see a notice titled, "What Families Need to Know." This material is provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and provides parents and students with information on how to interpret the 2017 Oklahoma School Testing Results.

Rest assured that the Ada City School District will use this information to continue to develop and implement programs that align to its mission and that ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for the high-skill jobs and innovative careers of the future.


WeAreAda our goal is to keep you informed about programs and activities as well as to showcase the remarkable success of our students!